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E-commerce has changed the face of retail. At the click of a button, customers can compare prices and look globally for the best options. Customers today are empowered, informed, and demanding. They expect the product they want, when they want it, at the best price. AI and machine learning provide huge opportunities to transform shopper experience, create personalised recommendations and engage with customers.


AI for Retail

Increase Sales, Improve Supply Chain, Enhance Customer Engagement, Increase Efficiencies

AI and machine learning provides huge opportunities to transform retail experience and create actionable strategies to, increase sales and efficiency, improve the supply chain and customer loyalty. It enables retailers to develop a whole array of marketing strategies, thereby opening the possibility of acquiring a larger market share. CyborgIntell’s iTuring can give real-time predictions on consumer behaviour, market demand and buyer insights which helps retailers provide personalised product recommendations to customers with the biggest potential.

CyborgIntell helped a leading marketing company in Asia to improve profits by $1.5 million through reduction in media buying cost by 3%.

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A reputed Indian multinational conglomerate used CI’s platform to effectively manage their dealer defaults and improved collections by 332%.

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97% fraud detection accuracy for fraud with USD 25K savings in fraud losses for a leading payment & delivery app in India.

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Reinvent Retail with CyborgIntell

Retail Increase sales
Retail Improve Supply chain
Retail Engage Customers
Retail Increase Efficiencies

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