Optimize Digital Inventory

Optimize Digital Inventory

Optimize Digital Inventory

The Challenge

With the growth of online advertising, CTR (click-through-rate) becomes an important metric. It tells you what works (and what does not work) when trying to reach your target audience. A low CTR could indicate that you are targeting the wrong audience or that you are not speaking their language persuasively enough to convince them to click. CTR can help digital marketers measure the efficacy of a variety of online marketing campaigns, and knowing which channels, media needs to be procured for best CTR directly impacts profitability.

About the Company

The Solution

Accurate CTR prediction is important to understand customer behavior and take actions accordingly. It helps you to optimize digital inventory and media inventory bidding by knowing how to precisely target customers. With iTuring, you can build extremely accurate predictive models in a couple of hours. These models can accurately identify which customers are likely to click on a campaign and what offers will be attractive to them, as well as the key factors driving the same. This can enable you to optimize the media buying and improve campaign success.

For the mobile advertising and customer intelligence company, CyborgIntell was challenged to build a model for CTR prediction with an improved accuracy over their existing predictive model, which had an AUC of 76%. CyborgIntell used iTuring’s AI driven feature derivation and automated model development capabilities which improved predictive accuracy by 11% (84% AUC).

Additionally, it used only 20% of previous modelling data with less than half the features making it more efficient. The impact was 3% reduction in media buying cost which improved profit by $ 1.5 million / yearly. They also reduced infrastructure cost by decreasing data size and scoring time for real-time bidding (production system).




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Why CyborgIntell

iTuring provides highly accurate models in a couple of hours and can process large volumes of data efficiently. It also supports real time scoring with efficient latency to provide your customers real time and personalized recommendations. We deliver real tangible ROI for all your business problems.

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