iTuring AutoML+

iTuring AutoML+: Automated Machine Learning

Develop highly accurate machine learning models with a single click.

iTuring MLOps

Data Driven Decisions for business

Organizations realize that data science and machine learning is critical to make accurate decisions that helps them to stay ahead of the competition… but scaling a data science practice is not only challenging, it is time-consuming, and expensive.

Enterprise AI starts here

With CyborgIntell, you can empower citizen data scientists, data analysts, software engineers, and BI professionals to benefit from AI driven data science projects. Through Intelligent Data Science Automation, you can develop, deploy, and operationalize AI models into production seamlessly, while freeing up time of your data science teams to be more productive.

Auto Connectivity & Scaling:

  • Connect iTuring with any database using pre-built APIs, Ability to directly upload Flat files
  • Auto Scaling of resources on need basis

Auto Data Engineering:

  • AI agent automatically analyzes the data and applies right statistical techniques to improve data
  • AI agent transforms features to identify non-linear behavior

Auto Feature Engineering:

  • Proprietary feature engineering framework using advanced statistical methods to finalize most relevant features
  • Application of best-in-class feature selection methods

Auto Model development, evaluation & comparison:

  • Auto parameter tuning & self learning & improving algorithms
  • Auto Model evaluation with best-in-class statistical parameters
  • Auto model comparison across entire ML family

Auto ML Model Deployment Engine:

  • OnDemand scoring engine
  • Auto API generated in Java, PMML & C based languages to adapt to diverse production systems

Auto Explainable AI:

  • Explain predictions of machine learning classifiers and drivers with local and global model interpretability
  • Get causes of predictions with weightages in a ready to consume API

Auto Documentation

  • Fully compliant & transparent model documentation for model validation, audits & team enablement

Auto Model Retraining

  • Automated capability for redevelopment, re-evaluation and re-deployment once performance alert is triggered

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AI for Everyone
Enable Citizen Data Scientists

iTuring ensures AI is for everyone. iTuring’s zero code, intuitive UI democratizes data science and puts the power of data science and machine learning in the hand of your employees without worrying about the complexity. The platform allows business users, data analysts, and data scientists to rapidly develop AI models. This enables Citizen data scientists across business functions who can scale data science projects rapidly to deliver more value.

Fast & Actionable
Reduce time to market

Enable faster decision cycles and reduce time to market by delivering 20 times more data science projects. By automating the entire lifecycle – data transformation, feature engineering, model development and evaluation, data scientists now have the capacity to address more business problems faster and at scale. With detailed explanations at model and transaction level, iTuring provides data driven insights in hours instead of weeks for business leaders to make informed decisions.


Deeper Business Insights & Trust
Minimize gaps between Data Science & Business.

iTuring consistently operationalizes projects which deliver superior results, free from design, process stereotypes and AI Bias. AI models in production environment continuously learn from new data, events, behaviour and improve over time without impacting business and avoiding AI failure. iTuring explains and interprets predictions of machine learning models, minimising the gap between data science and staff on-the-ground. This ensures management buy in and trust, which in turn results in timely business actions.

iTuring Auto ML+

Fully Operational
Deploy data science projects into production.

Data Science projects developed with iTuring are instantly production ready and can be easily and automatically deployed in complex production environments in a few clicks. Predictive accuracy and business value is measured and improved on an ongoing basis, ensuring you get the ROI you are looking for. With iTuring make business decisions in existing applications, and across end-to-end digital customer journeys with production ready APIs.


How iTuring AutoML+ Works

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