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AI-ML-Data Science Platform

CyborgIntell’s AI platform automates the entire life cycle of data science and machine learning using AI and rigorously follow best practice & process of data science. This means data science projects that took months to complete can now be done in a matter of days. Some of our clients have completed projects in 3 days with 97% effort saving against their existing process and tools, while improving predictive accuracy over their existing ML models, while improving predictive accuracy over their existing model by ~8-15%.

Data Science

Accelerate your AI journey.

iTuring’s high performance computing reduces the time required to develop accurate, production-ready models to a few hours, without writing any code.

Scale Data Science.

Scale Data Science.

With its scalable AI platform, CyborgIntell can address a variety of use cases for every enterprise in every industry, with existing skills and resources.

Trust Machine Learning

Trust Machine Learning

iTuring enables you to interpret, explain, and trust ML models. It understands, mitigates bias, and continuously improves performance, ensuring AI adoption.

Augment Technology Stack

Augment Technology Stack

With a modern architecture, enterprise integrations and production ready APIs, you can deploy and orchestrate AI models in hours.

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CyborgIntell’s Key Advantages Over Traditional Data Science Tools

Data PreparationCurrent ProcessWith Cyborg Intell
Data exploration & Data visualizationSemi AutomatedAutomated
Data transformation, Feature developmentManualAutomated
Data treatment (missing imputation, outliers, etc.)ManualAutomated
Feature EngineeringCurrent ProcessWith Cyborg Intell
Feature CreationManualAutomated
Feature SelectionManualAutomated
Feature Extraction and OptimizationAutomated
Model DevelopmentCurrent ProcessWith Cyborg Intell
Algorithm SelectionLimited ML librariesSeveral Best in class ML libraries
Model Configuration
Semi AutomatedAutomated
Model Development
Semi AutomatedAutomated
Model EvaluationCurrent ProcessWith Cyborg Intell
Model performance & Evaluation CriteriaSemi AutomatedAutomated
Depth of metrics used Typically AUC & Confusion MatrixRich tools including Discrimination, Calibration
Best suited model based on nature of dataOnly 1 ML model builtSeveral ML model built in parallel, evaluated
ExplanabilityCurrent ProcessWith Cyborg Intell
ML Explanation, Weightages of prediction at model level
ML Explanation, Weightages of prediction at record level
Auto Documentation of development process
Manual, Limited elements capturedFully transparent Auto document
ML Production / DeploymentCurrent ProcessWith Cyborg Intell
Feature, Data Transformation for deployment of ML Manual and iterativeAutomated
Automated deployment, Production ready APIsManual and iterativeAutomated
Real time scoring and instant decisioning
Model GovernanceCurrent ProcessWith Cyborg Intell
Managing model versions, audit in production
Champion Challenger strategy, approval flows
Model performance tracking, auto retraining
Decision, ValueCurrent ProcessWith Cyborg Intell
Integration of multiple ML models
Integration of ML predictions + business rules
Track the benefit / value of AI
Make the Switch today
Deploy, manage, monitor AI deployments in real time.

CyborgIntell Transforms Data Science


Accelerate your AI journey.

  • Reduce Data Science Project Timelines – AI agents in CI’s platform automate the most time-consuming tasks in the data science lifecycle and shorten AI development times from months to days. Distributed and parallel processing allows building of several machine learning models in a couple of hours.


  • Improve Time to market – With CyborgIntell machine learning projects can be easily developed and automatically deployed in complex production environments. That means real-time decisions in just a few clicks. With data science lifecycles reduced, you realize business value sooner and get the ROI you are looking for.


  • Increase efficiency – Manual, repetitive tasks that are typically the bane of data science are completely automated with CyborgIntell. These allows data scientists to focus on solving business problems and innovating, thereby delivering more value. Building, improving and deploying models has never been this easy.
Scale Data Science.

Scale Data Science

  • Scale across AI maturity levels – CI’s platform consists of three independent but fully integrated products, which can be deployed based on your business and IT needs. So, whether you are looking to reduce time to market, scale AI applications or to manage AI deployment challenges, we have a solution for you. 
  • Scale across skill sets – CI’s platform provides flexibility for both Data scientists and business users alike. With expert mode, Data Scientists can experiment with multiple hypotheses and track each project. While with AutoML, CI puts the power of AI in the hands of business users, democratizing the usage of data science. 
  • Scale across enterprise functions – With CyborgIntell, you can drive outcome driven business decisions on a single platform across multiple business functions. CI helps business leaders make actionable decisions to solve problems such as growing revenue, optimizing cost, improving customer experience, and managing risk.
Trust Machine Learning

Trust Machine Learning

  • Get explanations you can trust – CyborgIntell’s models are built to be explainable and interpretable, with the ability to understand the drivers of prediction at both model level and individual record level. An intuitive UI gives you the ability to drill down into explanations, eliminating the ‘ML is a Black Box’ myth.

  • Eliminate AI Bias CyborgIntell’s AI system ensures that both data and models are free from stereotypes design and processes of AI which creates biasness in AI models. The AI platform can automatically correct biases in models by measuring drift in underlying data thereby mitigating skewed decision making.

  • Continuously Monitor & Improve Results – CyborgIntell’s dynamic capabilities ensure that AI models continuously learn from new data, events and behaviours and improve over time. Our platform identifies when a model is not confident in its predictions and triggers an alert on AI failure thereby eliminating faulty decisions.  
Augment Technology Stack

Augment your Technology Stack

  • Scalable and Open Architecture – CyborgIntell follows the principles of stateless, microservices, and open API based architecture. iTuring can scale both horizontally and vertically to meet your needs. Deploy models with enterprise ready APIs supported by a load balancer to improve responsiveness and availability.

  • DevOps like Agility to ML – CyborgIntell enables deployment of ML models seamlessly in complex production environments both in the cloud and on-prem. You can easily integrate AI models into your applications, using our REST APIs. Container based structure supports enhancements and upgrades without service interruption.

  • Best practices in Data Science – Proprietary capabilities developed with years of data science and AI experience. From adaptive data treatment, feature extraction and selection, to a closed loop feedback system to monitor and auto correct models. A truly AI based platform from Data to Value – ensuring ROI of AI.

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