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MLOps for Operational Efficiency

CyborgIntell enables data science and IT teams to collaborate and increase the pace of model development and deployment. With end to end automation and comprehensive governance, performance tracking and continuous improvement of machine learning models, it ensures no business impact due to AI Failure.

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Deploy, manage, monitor AI deployments in real time.

IT professionals require tools that are easy to integrate, work seamlessly with other applications, work within business and security guidelines and work every time. iTuring has been developed keeping this in mind, by world class IT professionals that understand technical needs as well as desired operational outcomes. iTuring automatically generates production-ready endpoints from data collection to feature engineering to ML scoring ensuring that you can easily integrate with existing systems, and its comprehensive APIs work within your existing programming languages.

iTuring MLOps: The foundation for Production AI

Deploy in a few clicks

Models built by iTuring are production ready. iTuring MLOps lets you deploy your existing machine learning models and those built by iTuring into production with just a few clicks, regardless of whether you need real-time predictions, or batch deployments.


Scale & optimize resources

Models are easily deployed to servers behind a load balancer, easily scaling to meet your needs, and reducing large upfront investments. Parallel and distributed processing leveraging Spark, means several models and millions of hypotheses are done in no time.


Manage & Monitor models

With iTuring MLOps you can manage and maintain healthy AI models. Track model health and receive alerts for data drift and performance degradation. With the ability of automated version control and built-in fault tolerance for model deployment, iTuring MLOps reduces the service downtime.


Integrate with Ease

iTuring is deployable on premises, your private cloud or as CI SaaS. All modules and dependencies are packaged inside the product, and only need you to launch the Docker, making it seamless across environments. Integrate ML models easily into existing applications and systems, using our REST APIs.


Modern Responsive Architecture

iTuring serves real-time and stream predictions with millisecond latency. A modern microservice, stateless architecture ensures that iTuring can scale up easily. The container-based architecture can be easily manged by Kubernetes.

Low Cost Maintenance

iTuring can be deployed on any general-purpose Linux based hardware, and software upgrades and patches are hassle- free with almost no downtime. iTuring has been developed so that when deployed in the cloud, it maintains high levels of data security.

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