Banks today struggle with making decisions in a new competitive landscape with disruption from Fintech’s that are stifling growth in traditional product areas. Banks are forced to embark on a new journey of innovation, reshaping the role of branches, and of course, accelerating digitization in almost every sphere of product and service. Leveraging AI technologies to derive actionable insights from data will give them a definite edge.

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AI for Banking

Increase Revenues, Improve Customer Engagement, Reduce Costs and Manage Risks

Whether it is commercial banking, investment, or consumer banking – a large or small bank, using AI can help you offer a superior client experience and differentiate your brand. With rich data at your disposal, the application of AI to derive value from it is immense, and applies across every function and business line. CyborgIntell helps business leaders make actionable decisions to solve business problems such as growing revenue, optimizing cost, improving customer experience, and reducing risk exposure.

CyborgIntell helped a leading payment bank in India decrease in customer churn rates by 8% and save 17% of balances at risk.

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32% increase in overdraft conversion and 7% increase in product penetration for a retail bank in Africa.
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Increased revenue by 14% and c-sat by 17% for a leading bank in North America

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