So far, Fintech’s have consistently applied new technology to products and services, resulting in a widespread disruption of all financial services. Whether it is in payments, lending, capital markets, wealth management or personal finance, the best performing Fintech companies are beginning to leverage AI to deliver results. AI and machine learning will ensure that Fintech’s take their business to the next level.


AI for Fintech

Transform Payments, Lending, Wealth Management and more

CyborgIntell enables Fintech companies to build and deploy highly accurate models that provide real-time insights and enable agile decision making across truly digital customer journeys. End to end automation ensures speed and efficiency, giving Fintech operations the competitive edge over established banks and traditional financial services organizations.

CyborgIntell’s loan non take up prediction model helped an Education Lending Co in South Africa to increase onboarding rates by 14%, resulting in improved revenue.

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2x improvement on lead conversions over previous campaigns for a leading insurance and credit card aggregator.

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Improved collections by 116% and optimized collections costs with prioritized contact strategies, by accurately identifying defaulters and value at risk across default buckets

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