iTuring Decision AI

iTuring Decision AI:
AI Powered Decision Hub

Deliver Business Impact with Seamless Collaboration between ML predictions and Human Intelligence.


Beyond AI & Machine Learning

As an organisation, building advance machine learning models and deploying them into production is part of the process, and yields tremendous value. But as you scale your AI journey, the true value of these efforts will be realized if you also uncover the power of integrated AI and human driven decision making. True ROI from AI can be delivered when it combines both human expertise and AI technology.

Integrated AI for every business

iTuring enables people on the front line to augment machine learning predictions with feedback based on the business realities they see on the ground. With a few clicks, business experts can augment the decisions of AI models with rules and policies, so that decisions can be made in a collaborative way. iTuring also supports complex decision making by letting you combine predictions of several AI models to make a single holistic recommendation, transforming the previously passive way of making AI driven decisions.

Combine Augment Track ROI of your Data Science Projects


Combine ML models for sharper decision.

Integrated AI allows you to make decisions at the right time and in the right way by combining predictive outcomes with business expertise. iTuring provides you a centralized hub to integrate multiple machine learning models seamlessly for actionable decisions in real time. Combining predictions of several models along with business policies and rules ensures true business impact from AI & ML. Integrated AI brings a truly forward-looking capability that augments human decision-making with AI driven insights. It allows data scientists and decision makers to make decisions that augment machine learning based predictions with policy-driven rules to achieve “perfect decisioning”.


Centralized Decision Rule Engine

With a Centralized Decision Rule Engine, you can easily configure, automate and manage business rules driven by Subject Matter Experts. iTuring allows users to configure and modify rules that augment predictive scores driven by AI, without the need for IT intervention. AI agents help automate and digitize decisions which eliminates redundancies, reduces implementation timelines, and cost of maintenance. An automatically generated unique number for each project provides decision makers the ability to easily maintain, track, compare and benchmark multiple policies. Track the value and ROI from each policy and measure real business impact.


How iTuring Decision AI Works

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