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Empowering Business Analysts with AI

iTuring enables Business Analysts to develop highly accurate predictive models in a couple of hours, without depending on their colleagues in technology. The zero-code solution automates all the routine tasks a Data Scientist performs to deliver business outcomes. It contains best practices of data science, which puts you on the fast track to scale your ability to solve many complex business challenges at a much faster pace.

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Deliver more with automation of the hardest & most complex parts of Data Science

One of the most complex and time-consuming tasks in the data science process, is to prepare the data & develop and select the right features required to build accurate models. With iTuring, these tedious tasks are automated and proprietary algorithms ensure that you get the maximum predictive accuracy. This means you can focus your time on generating insights from data and running multiple hypothesis and scenarios with ease. With iTuring’s Explainable AI, you can understand the factors driving a decision or recommendation at the portfolio and record level. This enables you to convince management to take decisions more confidently and shape the right strategy to drive a desired outcome.

Unlock the skills needed to out perform


Zero Code

iTuring requires no coding, simply ingest the data into the platform to develop, deploy & operationalize ML models into production. Business Analysts can now define the business problem and build highly accurate ML models to drive an outcome with a single click.


Develop the right models

Unlike traditional methods, iTuring automatically builds and evaluates hundreds of advanced Algorithms and selects the best models for a given set of data. It gives you the capability to test multiple hypothesis and helps drive strategy for businesses.


Deliver with Confidence

iTuring incorporates the best practices of data science at every stage. It has industry leading algorithms and proprietary capabilities that ensure maximum predictive accuracy. Performance tracking and continuous learning of models ensure consistent ROI.


Highly Intuitive

iTuring’s highly intuitive user interface facilitates ease of use. It clearly outlines the steps followed in a process and provides you with contextual information at each stage. Automated documentation of actions performed by AI ensures the ability to audit and review results.


Explainable AI

With iTuring, you can draw deep insights from data. Detailed explanations and transparency of models ensure you get management trust and buy in. Understanding the driving factors predictions give you the confidence to provide the right recommendations required to define strategies.


Accelerate & Augment Skills

iTuring enables Business Analysts to seamlessly incorporate Data Science & Machine Learning to their existing skill sets. With it’s AI driven capabilities iTuring empowers Business Analysts to build highly accurate models and increases their capacity to take on more business challenges.

"We recognize that data is the core to our business strategy of delivering a superior and personalized experience. With iTuring I was able to solve multiple business problems in no time without hiring a team of data scientists. "
Ankit Zakatia
Head of Strategy & Data, Bank on Us

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