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What AI and ML can do for your business

Business Leaders often need to make prompt decisions under different business assumptions and market scenarios and adjust automatically as market conditions change. All this while staying ahead of the competition and protecting their bottom line.


AI driven real-time predictions for immediate business decisions

AI can drive efficiencies across business functions and make improvements at the Enterprise level. CyborgIntell offers you lightning-fast results that allow staff to make on-the-spot decisions without the need for knowledge of complex technology or data science. This means you can prove the value of AI quickly without large upfront investments in resources or tools. Highly accurate predictions guide profitable business decisions in a range of applications for every business and industry type. Get an edge over your competitors with highly accurate predictions that provide actionable business solutions.

Why Businesses prefer CI

Improve the bottom line

Improve the bottom line CyborgIntell democratizes data science, which means you can leverage your existing team to turn data into decisions for actionable business strategies. Identify new revenue & cost saving opportunities with best-in-class AI models. A single platform to deliver use cases across business functions, means leveraging the full value of AI without investing in multiple tools.

Accelerate time to decision

CyborgIntell reduces time from data to decision from months to days. Our platform automates the entire data science lifecycle, from data & feature engineering to machine learning model development and evaluation. With iTuring, you can make outcome driven decisions 40x faster and with a high degree of accuracy, extracting the maximum value from data.

Drive Strategy

Leverage AI recommended insights to shape strategy to Grow Revenue, Mitigate Risk, Engage Customers & Reduce Costs. Advanced model evaluation techniques with detailed and transparent explanations makes it easy to understand driving factors and rationale behind the insights, both at a use case and individual record level, ensuring AI you can trust.

Augment Skill Sets

Enable Citizen Data Scientists or make your expert data scientists more productive. iTuring has been built by expert data scientists and automates best practices. It empowers business users with the skills and tools needed to become citizen data scientists. With iTuring, increase the data science capabilities in your organization at a fraction of the cost.

Keep pace with changing times

Make accurate decisions in a highly volatile business environment with Dynamic AI. When prediction accuracy drops, due to changes in data, events, and customer behaviour, iTuring recognises this and enables auto retraining of more accurate model, all with the click of a button. This ensures no business impact dur to AI failure.

Scale AI across the Enterprise

iTuring is a single click, zero code product that can address multiple use cases across all business functions. It can develop and implement multiple models in parallel to solve a range of business problems. This reduces time to make effective decisions and optimises effort and costs across data and technology teams.

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