Improved Marketing ROI on Ad Spend



The Challenge

Retail companies are always struggling to understand the true ROI of their Marketing/Promotion spend in order to optimize the media mix and improve their margins. Many “digital marketing & analytics experts” have tried to solve this problem by attributing sales to the channel that was “last-clicked” etc. This tends to overestimate the contribution of lower funnel tactics such as Paid Search, Social or Email and does not provide an accurate contribution of non-last click channels such as Display Ads, Video etc. The problem is further exacerbated by the fact that many companies do not capture a unique identifier for their customers and are unable to accurately track the source channel they came through.

About the Company

The Solution

iTuring’s Auto ML/AI addresses this complex problem by analyzing traffic data across multiple channels and running ML models to link traffic to customer’s shopping/spend behaviour (online and/or offline). Based on Multi-Touch Attribution, iTuring is able to precisely calculate the weighted impact of each channel in driving revenue thereby accurately estimating the Marketing ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

For a leading retail client, CyborgIntell used iTuring to build “Multi-Touch Attribution & Media Mix Optimization Models” to establish Marketing ROAS and drive higher efficiency & margins for the company.

Business used the results of the models to establish an ROAS of 22:1, refine allowable Cost Per Lead for different channels and optimize media channel spend.



Optimization of Media Spend

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Time to Deployment

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Marketing ROI

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Why CyborgIntell

Not only does iTuring estimate marketing ROI of their marketing promotions spend to identify which media vehicle is driving maximum revenue but, it also provides explanations for why a particular media vehicle is likely to drive higher revenue. This allows business users to better understand their marketing spend and implement actionable and impactful marketing strategies.

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