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iTuring AutoML+

iTuring AutoML+

Automate and democratize data science and machine learning with our Single-click, Zero Code, Auto AI platform. Increase the productivity of your data science team and empower existing analysts to become citizen data scientists.

iTuring MLOps

iTuring MLOps

Operationalize AI models for business impact with our machine learning DevOps platform. A central registry to deploy, monitor, govern and scale AI models regardless of where they were built.

iTuring Decision AI

iTuring Decision AI

Enable your organization to combine the outputs of many predictive models and augment them with policy-driven rules for actionable decisions. Complement human expertise with AI technology.

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Unlock the power of AI

Why CyborgIntell

Unlock the power of AI

Accelerate and operationalize data science projects and enable your business to make AI driven decisions at scale.

AI Maturity for Enterprises

Overcome challenges & succeed with AI

Operationalize Enterprise AI applications significantly faster than alternate approaches.

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What clients are saying

Empowered decision making and development of actionable strategies for business success.

"We have realized tremendous business value by leveraging iTuring’s AI powered customer acquisition solutions across our products and customer segments. iTuring’s highly accurate and continuously improving predictive models have been a game changer for us. The strength of iTuring is the speed with which we can roll out models. It has allowed us to go from months of model development to just weeks. We look forward to more joint success with CyborgIntell in the future."

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Pierre Roux Director, Blue Label Data Solution South Africa

"We believe that to disrupt financial services, you need to provide customers the help needed to make correct purchase decisions. With CI’s platform, we were able to offer customers product choices they really want, while improving our lead conversion & acquisition costs. With CI, it is not just the platform, it is also the people. They are always there to provide ideas, enable our team, and provide a solution that makes sense for our business."​

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Kirtan Desai Bank On US, UAE

"We recognize that data is the core to our business strategy of delivering a superior and personalized experience. With iTuring I was able to solve multiple business problems in no time without hiring a team of data scientists."

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Ankit Zakatia Director of Sales & Strategy, Bank on Us

"iTuring makes my team highly effective. It produces highly accurate models in a couple of hours, and frees up my data scientists from manual work, making it possible for them to be more creative and solve more business problems."

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Matt Nicholson Head of Data Science, Blue Label Data Solutions

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