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Cyborg Intell is on the lookout for individuals with passion for data science and AI, that can help us develop and sell our industry-leading software.

We are a talented group of people with a diverse range of education, skills and experience. Our team is united by their passion for data science and fuelled by the ability of our platform to transform businesses.

We need unicorns.

We are looking for people with great programming skills, an analytical mind, in depth knowledge in mathematics and statistics and a passion for AI and Machine Learning.

In return, we offer some benefits to you. We have thought leaders with the right balance of client facing experience across various industries and a rich background in data science, analytics, AI and technology. You’ll learn a lot, across industries and within AI and ML. We work together as a team to make creative, intelligent solutions that change how businesses work —we listen to what you have to say, are adaptive to change and value innovation and unique ideas. We offer flexible working solutions, a stimulating environment, and some of the best people in the world to work with. We have our sales, product, development and support teams in our Bangalore headquarters and a sales office in Dubai.

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